In the short time I’ve spent exploring the benefits of WordPress as a blogging platform, I have found that there are several practices and pitfalls that should be addressed when first time users decide to create their own WordPress website, whether they be individuals or organizations.

The Benefits of Blogging

WordPress websites have the ability to be a number of different things, ranging from informative spaces for organizations to present information to blogs, where individuals or organizations may post information about events they may be taking part in.

WordPress has a flexible format when it comes to posts. A text post, like this one, for example, can present a viewer with ample reading material, but can also include ‘featured images’ to provide the viewer with an idea about what the posting may be about. WordPress also allows for the posting format to be changed. Companies can post individual photos with captions, or videos, even links to other pages that they hope readers will access. And each of these posts can be tagged in order to help viewers of the site find related postings.

The Pitfalls of WordPress

With every revolutionary website, there are always bugs or faults that could be tweaked in order to better the usability of the site. WordPress has an interface that is not always the easiest to navigate. It may take users a few tries to find the proper page they were looking for when initially setting up their page, but after the initial trial and error, you will soon have a website of your own to customize.

Designing a WordPress page itself can also be a frustrating task. Free themes are limited, so organizations with the cash to spend may have no issue, but individuals looking to make their own website for fun, or nonprofit organizations lacking the funds will be limited to the few default options that WordPress provides. On top of that, the editable portions of your website may be a bit confusing. In my own attempt to set up this site, I found myself accidentally adding menus and pages because there was no explanation as to where things would show up on my page, and the preview was not always the clearest. You may spend time swapping tabs and hitting refresh just to see if your changes were properly made.

The Methods for Success

If you take anything away from this posting, I hope it is that your website will take time to build, as it should. Putting in the time and effort into dealing with WordPress’s minor imperfections will yield a website that allows users to search through a person or organization’s history and keep up to date with upcoming events or new information that is being published. My main piece of advice is to keep your WordPress website updated. Each new posting keeps your blog relevant and your viewers coming back for new information.


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