As six second videos called Vines have risen in popularity, they have become yet another platform for businesses and social media campaigns to reach out to consumers. With such a finite amount of time for companies to capitalize on, every second has to matter, and a few blogs have nailed down their top tips for how to make those seconds count.

1. All Tech Considered

This tech blog, affiliated with National Public Radio (NPR), is chalk full of information to help companies and individuals alike tackle the newest technological advances. Contributor Laura Sydell, in her article How Vine Settled On 6 Seconds, talks about the appeal of those six critical seconds to viewers. “Something about that limit is appealing,” Sydell writes, explaining that the creators tried various lengths before settling on the final six second end point, which was accompanied by a looping feature to help viewers recap the main points of those critical six seconds. According to marketing companies that use Vine, like the one run by Pierre Laromiguiere; “You don’t just skip a six-second video, so you watch it. And when you like it … you appear to watch it three, four, five, six times in a row,”which only helps advertisers get their word out. That being said, keeping the content interesting and appealing to the viewers is what gets those repeat views.

2. Fusion 360

A blog run by a Utah-based advertising company, Fusion 360 offers some interesting insights on social media outreach and connecting with consumers through different platforms. Lucas Miller’s article Vine: Building a Brand in 6 Seconds or Less, offers up some insights on how vines can be used in advertising. From product demos to social engagement and putting a company’s culture on full display, this article is particularly useful in showing companies how six seconds can be used to further their business practices.

3. ClickZ

A site that also offers courses in digital marketing and webinars, ClickZ has blog posts that can help even the smallest of brands with getting their social media engagement off the ground. Bob Cargill’s article 10 Reasons Why You Should Use Vine to Build Your Brand is one post that clearly lays out how Vine’s “more than 40 million registered users, are telling their stories in short, continuously looping six-second videos.” This post gives specific reasons as to why brands should be using Vine, from the wide reach of the platform, to the place it takes as a creative and entertaining outlet for unique new advertising techniques.

With Vine growing tremendously in popularity, these three blogs will provide businesses and social media campaigns with the tips and tricks needed in order to create an all important presence on Vine, one that will ultimately make or break a company’s advertising tactics.

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