4 Tips on Improving Instagram Presence

Nonprofit organizations often underestimate the power of Instagram. While it may not be the top social media platform at the moment, Instagram has grown its user base significantly over the past few years. According to an announcement made by Instagram in September of 2015;

…the Instagram community has grown to more than 400 million strong.

Organizations all over the world have begun using Instagram in collaboration with other social media platforms to promote their causes. Even nonprofits like @unicefusa and @charitywater have begun using photographs to tell stories visually.  By following these four simple tips, you too can increase your Instagram presence, and spread the message of your nonprofit even further.

1. Utilize Your Captions

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but that doesn’t mean words won’t help your message get across. Use your captions to add links to donation or event pages that people can use to gain more information on your organization. If you’re trying to promote a cause, try telling a story, the way Doctors Without Borders does.


Doctors Without Borders always uses captions to give viewers the whole story. 

2. Stay Active, But Not Too Active

People who clog up Instagram feeds by posting photo after photo tend to lose followers simply because their posts are seen as an annoyance. Social Media Today warns:

 Don’t post more than three photos in a row or once every three hours. If you post more often than that, you run the risk of hogging your users’ feed.

That being said, posting too little is also not your best bet. Find a happy medium in making your posts, whether that be once a day or once a week (Nonprofit For Good suggests to be consistently active, you need to post twice daily). Make your posts regularly timed, if people know when to expect your posts, then they’ll know when to check-in for updates.

3. Share Posts to Other Social Media Sites

Instagram is focused on visuals, and visuals are the thing that draw a viewer’s eye to an article or link you want them to click on. By linking your Instagram photos to Facebook or Twitter, you add visuals to your feed and show your followers you have yet another platform they can follow.



Just remember to check your posts once you share them! When the actual photo is shared in a post or tweet, as seen above in the screen grab from adweek.com, its much more visually appealing for your page, and doesn’t require the extra step of clicking through a link to get to the photo!

4. Keep Calling Followers to Action

Not every post to Instagram has to be a short video showcasing your projects or snapshots of events being put on by your nonprofit. WiredImpact suggests using your Instagram to embrace hashtags like #GivingTuesday to encourage followers to look deeper into your organization:

Drive visitors from Instagram to your website by inviting them to learn more through your blog, make a donation, sign up to volunteer, etc. Let them know where to access a direct link.

Most organizations link to their main website and other social media platforms to give followers access to more information about their organization. Embracing hashtags in a way similar to twitter will both increase visibility, and might even push people to donate to a cause you support.

By following these four simple steps and ensuring your social media accounts are intertwined, your presence on Instagram and your nonprofit organization’s success will increase almost instantly!



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